Wildlife Health & Conservation Expedition

Scientist-Conservation Expedition with Forest Elephants, West Lowland Gorillas and Marine Turtles


Meet forest elephants, lowland gorillas & turtles in their natural habitat in Gabon.

Wildlife Health & Conservation

A scientific – conservation expedition focused on wildlife health and conservation of local endangered species.

Led by experts

Led by wildlife veterinarians, scientists and local guides. Learn first hand from the experts.

Adventurous, scientist and conservationist

For adventurous, fearless and conservationist vets & natural science professionals.

General information

About Wildlife Health & Conservation Expedition

This is a 10-day scientific-conservation expedition in Gabon with gorillas, elephants and turtles. The program is designed to give veterinarians & natural science professionals the knowledge and experience from a Wildlife Conservation Medicine perspective. 

Scientists & local experts lead this One Health program in the field. It covers topics that will give you a diverse understanding of the health and conservation threats of west low land gorillas, forest elephants, and turtles in their natural habitat. The knowledge gained will enable participants to develop practical scientific studies and gain experience that will contribute to protecting endangered wildlife and global health.

The main aims

  • To live a scientist-conservation expedition led in Gabon.
  • To offer a unique experience where veterinarians & natural science professionals can learn about wildlife health & conservation issues in the field.
  • To be exposed to the reality and challenges of Africa’s wildlife conservation efforts.
  • To promote meaningful wildlife conservation medicine & Global Health projects.
  • To comprehend wild animals and their ecosystem. Essential concepts to develop biodiversity-based scientific research programs.
  • To directly contribute to gorillas, elephants and turtle conservation programs in Gabon.

Meet Gabon

  • Gabon is a rich country in its forest and biodiversity, and its treasure is its good people and its traditional culture. All of it is endangered and worth being respected and protected.
  • Understand the positive value of local indigenous people coexisting with nature and the threats of the new era.

Methodology & Modules

Experts will share their knowledge through informal talks and classroom presentations.
  • Gorilla health & conservation threats
  • Anthropogenic factors related to biodiversity loss and increase of Emerging Infectious Diseases
  • Ecology and conservation of forest elephants, west low land gorillas and turtles
  • One Health – Wildlife Conservation Medicine concept understanding and field projects
  • Elephants capture and anaesthesia
  • Monitoring wildlife in the wild

The only place on the planet

Gabon might be the only place where one can see forest elephants on the beach and turtles in the ocean after tracking great apes.
This expedition is a lifetime experience and a direct contribution to preserving one of the last real Edens of Africa.


2-12 December 2023

Based on the request, additional dates might be made available for University groups.

Book your place

Application-based on CV & Motivation Letter. Limited to 6 delegates.


Dr. Fabiola Quesada

Wild Spirit Fund Founder & Wild Spirit CEO

Veterinarian & Scientist

Dr Quesada will lead this expedition and lecture along with local scientific experts.

Fabiola is the CEO of Wild Spirit and the Founder of Wild Spirit Fund. She is a unique veterinarian with one target in life: Wildlife Health & Conservation in their natural environment.

Dr Quesada has led Wildlife Veterinarian Courses in South Africa for over a decade. And now, our delegates have the privilege to join her on this scientific-conservation expedition in Gabon. Here, it is taking place  Wild Spirit Fund conservation projects and her PhD.



10 days, 9 nights, unlimited adventure


Your country



Please notice that this itinerary is an estimation of the final program.  The detailed program would be shared with students weeks before starting the course.

Gabon is a vast and extensive country. The places and National visited are hundreds of km apart, and the roads are under construction. Therefore several hours of travelling are inevitable.

day 1

Meeting at Libreville Airport
  • Meeting at Libreville Airport.
  • Transfer to a close-by hotel in the capital.
  • Introduction talk.
  • Wild Spirit welcoming merchandising pack.

day 2 - 3

Days of Transit
  • One and a half-day road trip to the first National Park we will be visiting.
  • One the way we will stop at points of interest.
  • Be prepared! Aircon might not be available in the vehicle and the road is under construction. Comfort might not be part of this transit.

day 4-5

Tracking Gorillas
  • Hiking looking for gorillas in the forest
  • Guided by the local guides and scientist
  • Be prepared! It’s an unforgetable experience but required to be fit!

day 4-5 Afternoon

Its the time for lectures at our research station
  • Lectures by Dr Fabiola Quesada and the local scientist

day 5

An evening of magic. Meet the local traditions
  • The local community will share with us their traditional dance.

day 6

Departing from the jungle into mangroves & the coast
  • A stunning and adventuring journey
  • 4 x4 Road trip
  • Riverboat transit
  • 4×4 sand trip

day 7

Tracking Forest Elephants
  • Boat trip through mangroves
  • 4-hour tracking through the forest.
  • Meet all the secrets of those trees shared by the local guide.
  • Endless white beach with turtles and elephants.
  • Return trip by riverboat.

Day 8

Marine Turtles
  • Visit the marine turtle conservation project
    Hopefully, we might see some turtles laying eggs!

Day 9

Road trip
  • Our way back to Libreville
  • Evening farewell

day 10

Journey back
  • Drop off at the Airport


Our scientific-conservation course will take place in several National Parks & points of interest in Gabon. You will be hosted in safe accommodation at sites surrounded by wildlife. Here you will enjoy evening gatherings, astronomy and chats about daytime adventures.
Despite our best to choose comfortable accommodations, this is often not possible due to the remote areas we stay and the limited places Gabon offers for tourists. Please notice that this is a wildlife scientific expedition in AFRICA, not a luxury safari.


Vets & Natural Scientists

Veterinarians, natural science professionals and students who want to gain knowledge on wildlife health & conservation and aim to contribute through expertise and involvement.
Recommended age: 23-50 years old.

Nature lovers

Those that understand that being trained in the field is a requirement to make a real contribution to conservation.


Those that are determinant to make a change in wildlife conservation medicine but just need a blueprint, some extra knowledge or maybe they need to feel that they are not alone on this journey

Adventurous people

Those that know that Africa is not for fake hearts

Conservationist at heart

Those who want to focus their careers on wildlife conservation and the natural ecosystem.


  • Medium-fluent English level 60% 60%
Remember you will be part of an international group. A low level of English will compromise your communication with the group and so will affect your understanding of lectures. Speaking French is a bonus.
  • Be a vet, natural science professional or student 100% 100%
Vet student are required to have a basic understanding in pharmacology and infectious diseases
  • CV selection 40% 40%
Selection based on Curriculum Vitae & Motivation to join.
  • Be healthy and Fit 95% 95%
Being fit and having good physical/mental conditions determine this expedition. You will be making physical efforts and adapting to the high climatic changes.
  • Adventurous 80% 80%
People that understand the challenges on the journey as an adventure.

The forest can be magical but as well dangerous. We must be aware of that reality.

  • Aims to learn & Easy going 100% 100%
Open-minded people,  desire to learn and enjoy the African experience.

Course Fee


+ 150€ conservation fee towards Wild Spirit Fund



10 day Wildlife Health & Conservation Expedition


10 days/ 9 nights Accommodation & Meals


Lectures by experts

  • Scientific formal presentations
  • Expert’s knowledge shared during talks and daily conversations. 


  • Transport by bus, 4×4 and riverboat
  • In this program, our driving distance exceeds 1000Km.

Gorillas, Elephant and Turtles

  • National Parks entrance and conservation fees
  • Tracking days

Wild Spirit welcome pack

  • Wild Spirit Corporative t-shirt, cap and notebook.


  • Wild Spirit certificate

Wild Spirt Fund Donation Fee

  • €150 Donation fee toward our gorilla project.
  • Visit our web to know more about our critical project protecting the health and conservation of west low land gorillas in Gabon.
  • wildspiritfund.org




  • International flight Country of origin- Johannesburg
  • Domestic flight: Occasionally based on the availability of a local flight to return to Libreville.


  • Travel insurance
  • Medical Insurance


  • Costs associated with VISA are not included.
  • Most countries require a VISA to enter Gabon; however, its costs vary. 

Book your place

 I 2-12 December 2023

Application-based on CV & Motivation Letter.

Limited to 6 delegates

Wild Spirit is an entity that contributes to wildlife conservation and animal welfare through active participation and training of international professionals in Africa. Thanks to the quality of our programs and our strong commitment to wildlife conservation, many institutions and universities around the world support our cause and help us achieve our mission

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