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To the enthusiastic vets who joined Wild Spirit over the years: THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT and THANK YOU FOR BELIEVING IN YOUR DREAMS. Wildlife medicine & conservation needs motivated and committed professionals like you.


Participating in the Wild Spirit wildlife course is easily one of the best things I’ve done. Everything from the people, animals, game drives and the knowledge gained made it worthwhile! I would definitely encourage others on this path to take part in this course.


I spent the 2 most amazing weeks of my life with inspiring and professional people. I gained a great amount of knowledge in the field of veterinary medicine. I also brought back a lot of memories and a desire to protect wildlife.


Being in South Africa doing the Wild Spirit course was by far the best thing I’ve done in my whole life. Learning from those three brilliant doctors, visiting different places and ecosystems. A unique experience. Watching, treating, touching and feeling wild animals, will totally beat your expectations


The wild spirit vet course went above and beyond in every aspect. We were taught by exceptional vets, engaged in hands-on experience, and stayed in beautiful and unique places. For example, there are not many places where you can wake up to rhinos on your doorstep. For these reasons the wild spirit course had an impact on my life that I will remember forever.”


One day you wake up holding a lion, and you realize that everything you once imagined has become a reality thanks to Fabiola and Brendan! We have lived experiences that show us that this has only begun, that it is important to dream, that it is essential to fight and achieve what we have dreamed of!


WildSpiritVet is not only a simple course about veterinary medicine and conservation medicine.
It is a deep journey in the heart of South Africa.
It is an experience that goes beyond your expectations.
It is pure passion transmitted by the fantastic doctors that take part.
It is the lifestyle that you may have dreamed of.
Wild Spirit is the wild happy soul that you have inside.
Thank you for allowing me to be part of this.


Wild Spirit is an experience that I will never forget. The first injection you give a rhino, holding a cheetah in your arms, sedating a buffalo in the middle of the savannah to treat a retained placenta, the smell of a lion, flying in a helicopter. As a child, we watched National Geographic. We dream of travelling to Africa and living adventures, working with wildlife, working as a veterinarian doing what we like the most, surrounded by an incredible nature. This trip has made me feel, I have not felt since I was a child, without a doubt, motivate you to continue fighting for what you want. I am lucky to have met incredible people and professionals that I will remember for a lifetime. Fabiola, thank you for allowing people to live this dream.


The Wild Spirit course was a truly amazing experience that will be both unforgettable and will provide memories for a lifetime. The knowledge and experience gained on this internship is second to none, not to mention the ability to work with some incredible professionals! I would definitely recommend this course for anyone interested in veterinary and conservation, you will not regret it!


The experience I had in South Africa with Wild Spirit was undoubtedly one of the best of my life.
I am still a veterinary student. After a year in which I had no motivation, they made me love my career again and have regained my enthusiasm for veterinary medicine. For that reason, I will always be very grateful. They reminded me of the importance of our profession and why I decided to make this career.
They are all great professionals, and I feel very fortunate to have learned from them.

This Wildlife Veterinary Course is probably the most inspiring experience I have ever had.

Going to South Africa to work with amazing animals, learn from highly skilled veterinarians and get to know beautiful places has just been above any of my expectations.

They will not only help you to gain knowledge related to wildlife and medicine related to unusual species but also to encourage and inspire you about something bigger and more important than us: Conservation Medicine and the principle of One Health.

Thank you, @WildSpiritVet, for imprinting wildlife in my heart.


Wildspiritvet course initiative is one of the best things I’ve ever been part of. Dreaming about going to South Africa and being involved in wildlife medicine and conservation for so many years, I was expecting it to be awesome, but it was more than that. For me, it was and still is a life-changing experience, one that really reassured me that my place in the world is right there trying to make a difference, even a small one, for wild animals welfare and conservation.

One of the many factors that made this adventure so amazing is the fact that you have the opportunity to work in many sanctuaries and game reserves, not only one, getting the chance to meet so many wonderful people who are open to sharing their knowledge about wildlife. I have gained a lot of information and numerous techniques, some of them coming in handy even in a small animals clinic.
It’s very hard to pick one favourite moment, but if I had to choose I think the spay-neuter surgery for 2 lionesses and the immobilization and translocation of the rhino. And also the catching of impalas and… there are just too many amazing moments, all of them bringing in a lot of curiosity and fascination and in the end, a sense of fulfilment like no other. Every day in South Africa was filled with amazing events and interesting lessons to be learnt.
I loved every and each one of the locations we worked in, but one of them has a really special place in my heart, Gondwana Game Reserve, a place of freedom and preserved wilderness, where animals are free-roaming, following the natural cycle of life. A place with which I am so deeply connected for it is the closest thing to free wild Africa that I have imagined for so long. A huge natural space containing beautiful landscapes, incredible shaped hills and valleys and of course all the wildlife you can imagine, from herbivores to carnivores.
I really enjoyed our stay in the eco-camp, which was truly a “lost in wonderland” kind of experience. From my point of view, the climax of our stay there was the face to face meeting with the free-roaming pride of lions, parents and cubs gathered all together, basically waiting for us to show up. That was one of a kind feeling, stillness and excitement and wonder; I was in awe with Mother nature.
Great respect and deep appreciation was born for the people who came up with this extraordinary initiative, doctor Fabiola Quesada and the two doctors that were our teachers for 12 days, Brendan Tindall and Peter Caldwell and a sense of gratefulness for everything that they passed on to me and my other colleagues.
And naturally, this adventure would have not been the same without them, my colleagues, people that share the same passion and belief that something has to be done in order to preserve the last edifices of this wild kingdom.
Thank you! And thank you again! I will never forget what I lived there and soon enough I hope to fully dive into this area of wildlife medicine and conservation.


“All the vets in the world should do something like this”. “It is an unique opportunity”

-Javier & Leandro-


This experience was the most amazing and powerful moments of my life

-Marine, France-


Fantastic people from all over the world who share a passion ther to learn about and support local wildlife!

-Katharina, Austria-


Fantastic people from all over the world who share a passion ther to learn about and support local wildlife!

-Katharina, Austria-


Thanks to you, we now understand the South Africans’ perspective and we can explain it in our own countries.

-Marine, France-


We are now equipped with the tools to make changes and create waves in our industry that are going to have an influence on the whole world

-Bárbara, Portugal-


You will be amazed of everything you see, do, and the people you meet!!

-Camilo, Colombia-