"This experience was the most amazing and powerful moments of my life"

Marine, France, Wild Spirit Vet Student

Wildlife Veterinary Course -Internship. South Africa

Wild Spirit brings you a 12-day program designed to give veterinarians knowledge and hands-on experience in wildlife veterinary work in South Africa. Experts lead this course in the field and cover topics that will give you a diverse understanding of wildlife veterinary medicine and the challenges faced by conservationists in Africa. The knowledge gained will enable participants to contribute to protecting endangered wildlife on a global scale.

2023 & 2024 Applications: Fully booked!


1-14 July

Fully Booked


18-29 Aug

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1-12 Aug

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South Africa

Our Wildlife experience takes place in several nature/game reserves and rescue centers throughout South Africa.

Wildlife conservation

Be part of the protection of wildlife from the field and globally.

Vets, Students and Nurses

Designed by renowned wildlife veterinarians for international vets, students & nurses.

Volunteer experience

Beyond volunteering but hands-on vet training and wildlife conservation work.

Wildlife Scientific Expedition  Gabon

This is a 10-day scientific-conservation expedition in Gabon with gorillas, elephants and turtles. The program is designed to give veterinarians & natural science professionals the knowledge and experience from a Wildlife Conservation Medicine perspective. 

Scientists and local experts lead this One Health program in the field. It covers topics that will give you a diverse understanding of the health and conservation threats of west low land gorillas, forest elephants, and turtles in their natural habitat. The knowledge gained will enable participants to develop practical scientific studies and gain experience that will contribute to protecting endangered wildlife and global health.

2023 Applications: OPEN


2 – 12 December

Min pax 4, Max pax 6


Meet forest elephants, lowland gorillas & turtles in their natural habitat in Gabon.

Wildlife conservation

A scientific – conservation expedition focused on wildlife health and conservation of local endangered species.

Led by experts

Led by wildlife veterinarians, scientists and local guides. Learn first hand from the experts.

Adventurous, scientist and conservationist

For adventurous, fearless and conservationist vets & natural science professionals.

Delegates Testimonials

Ebony. USA. 2021

Participating in the Wild Spirit wildlife course is easily one of the best things I’ve done. Everything from the people, animals, game drives and the knowledge gained made it worthwhile! I would definitely encourage others on this path to take part in this course.

Agnieszka. Poland. 2021

I spent the 2 most amazing weeks of my life with inspiring and professional people. I gained a great amount of knowledge in the field of veterinary medicine. I also brought back a lot of memories and a desire to protect wildlife.

Alejandro. Spain. 2021

Being in South Africa doing the Wild Spirit course was by far the best thing i’ve done in my whole life. Learning from those three brilliant doctors, visiting different places and ecosystems. An unique experience. Watching, treating, touching and feeling wild animals, it will totally beat your expectations

Julia. Canada. 2021

The wild spirit vet course went above and beyond in every aspect. We were taught by exceptional vets, engaged in hands-on experience, and stayed in beautiful and unique places. For example, there are not many places where you can wake up to rhinos on your doorstep. For these reasons the wild spirit course had an impact on my life that I will remember forever.”

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Wild Spirit is a global entity that contributes to wildlife conservation and animal welfare though active participation and training of international professionals in Africa. Thanks to the quality of our programs and our strong commitment to conservation, many institutions and universities around the world support our cause and help us achieve our mission

Together we are making the change

Wild Spirit has taken a step forward with Wild Spirit Foundation. Wild Spirit Fund in collaboration with a network of wildlife professionals and scientists, identify and put in place the required infrastructure, develop capacity building and support meaningful research to ensure the protection of Nature, and by doing that warranty the health of wildlife and humankind. We adapt our model to every country needs.

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