Remember, Africa is not for fake hearts.


This requirements are important for you in order to get the best of this experience, be able to follow the daily hard work of wildlife veterinarians in the field, as well remember that English is the language that our professionals will use to communicate with you and so low level of english will interfere in your communication with them and so in the understanding of lectures.


  • Be a Vet student with understand in pharmacology and infectious diseases. Be Vet; Be a Vet nurse or student.

  • Being a person with an open mind and desire to learn and enjoy experience in Africa.

  • Keep in mind that we are not here to compete with each other, but to learn from one another.

  • Curriculum Vitae and selection by order of booking. No previous experience in wildlife is required. High english level.

  • Be fit and have good physical condition is Very important to.