A. The role of the veterinarian in conservation

  • Introduction to the work of a wildlife veterinarian in Africa.
  • Methodology, materials and equipment of a wildlife veterinarian.

B. Medical case

  • Participants will be exposed to wildlife medical cases in progress. Interesting case studies will be discussed during theoretical sessions.
  • Exposure to real medical cases: Any clinical case, surgery or emergency can happen.

C. Wildlife capture

  • Wildlife pharmacology anesthesiology.
  • Principles of chemical immobilization.
  • Mass capture techniques.
  • Real capture - species may include rhino, elephant, big cats, buffalo or antelope.
  • Theoretical and practical sessions on the principles of darting.

D. Wildlife management

  • Wildlife management objectives.
  • Wildlife breeding programs.
  • Contraception programs.
  • Wildlife identification, monitoring and tracking methods.
  • Wildlife nutrition.

E. Animal reproduction

  • Importance of reproduction for conservation.
  • Biotechnology of reproduction for wildlife conservation.
  • Reproduction management.
  • Elephant reproduction: Physiology, anatomy and behavior.

F. Animal rehabilitation and breeding centers

  • The role of wildlife rehabilitation and breeding centers.
  • Various rehabilitation centers will be visited where the emphasis is on the individual animal.

G. Infectious diseases in Southern Africa

  • A global view of the main diseases affecting wildlife. Emphasis will be given to the prevention of the spread of diseases between wildlife and livestock and those that affect endangered species.
  • Virology, bacteriology and parasitology.
  • Diseases associated with captive wildlife.




Protection of nature

South Africa is a world leader in the protection and maintenance of biodiversity of their natural heritage. The country is blessed with a wealth of national parks and wilderness areas and boasts some of the leading global professionals involved in the implementation of sound wildlife medicine principles and research.

  • Conservation models based on sustainability and biodiversity.
  • Wildlife conservation projects and programs in South Africa.
  • Endangered species: Challenges and threats. Their survival is a fight against time.
  • Role of the veterinarian in conservation.
  • Habitat preservation and resource management for the breeding and protection of wild animal populations.
  • The rhino war – is there hope for the future?


Wild animal behaviour

Understanding animal behaviour is one of the main subjects a wildlife vet needs to grasp. Knowledge of each species’ behaviour is absolutely necessary for wildlife management and animal welfare.

  • Every day our students will be exposed to wild animals and will be introduced to real nature.
  • Close interaction with wild animals will give you knowledge that you never thought possible.
  • Elephant social behaviour and handling.






  • Africa is blessed with a rich and diverse culture, however the rapid population expansion on the continent is having far reaching consequences on the lives of the average African. Traditional cultures are under threat and the perception towards wildlife is changing.
  • Community based conservation - The biggest threat to wildlife in Africa is human overpopulation and shrinking habitat. A realistic look into the lives of the average rural inhabitant and their perceptions of wildlife. How can conservation improve their quality of life?







Not included in the course price

Great White Sharks

  • Experience the exhilaration of cage diving with great-white sharks in Mossel Bay.


Whale Watching

  • During winter, Plettenberg Bay is the place where Southern Right Whales and Humpback Whales come to breed. Whale watching is a great opportunity to see these animals up close. Various conservation programs along the coast are run by whale watching companies. They will share their passion and commitment in the protection of the ocean with our students.


Elephant Interaction

  • A close seen into elephant behaviour and their protection.


Bungee Jumping

  • The bravest students will have the opportunity to do bungee jumping from the highest bungee bridge in the world.