Your professors and tutors are renowned wildlife veterinarians and experts with a lifetime of experience in wildlife medicine in Africa.



Wild Spirit Director. Veterinarian. One Health

Dr Quesada is CEO of Wild Spirit. She is a unique veterinarian with one target in life: to improve wild animal conservation and welfare through the veterinary profession. Years of experience, including studying elephants and learning from South African wildlife professionals has brought her a deep understanding of wildlife management and its complex situation in Africa. Her passion and commitment to nature is showing the world the role of vets in conservation.


Wildlife Veterinarian. Mega-herbivores specialist

Dr Tindall is one of the best wildlife veterinarians in Africa. He specializes in rhinos. His background includes unbelievable experiences as a wildlife vet both in conservation in national parks and private game reserves. His career and dedication to animal medicine, his knowledge of nature, strong ethics and passion to conservation make him an amazing role model for our students.


We have the privilege of being able to work and collaborate with several other South African professionals. During the Wildlife Vet Course various specialists will share their field of expertise with you. These include ecologists, biologists, marine experts, rangers and wildlife managers.