The objective of Ambassadors program is to create a community of enthusiastic professionals committed to bringing a positive impact on wildlife medicine and spread the words of conservation.






Wildlife Veterinarian. Phd (on elephant endotheliotropic herpesvirus)

Current job: Wildlife Veterinarian and Research Associate, ZSL London Zoo

Languages: German, English

Contact:  katharina@thewildspirit.com

Why Wildlife Conservation Medicine?

The things we are passionate about are not random, they are our calling.Wildlife is in a critical position. We need to put all our energy and passion together and work as a team to attempt to safeguard these many wonderful creatures of our planet that make life on earth so much more colorful and breathtaking. We as wildlife professionals can stand up together and work for wildlife conservation. Let’s make a change.

Why Wild Spirit?

Wild Spirit is a young company created with passion, love, and an utter fascination for wildlife and the conservation thereof. It strives to recruit energetic and enthusiastic people all over the world who are ready to stand together in the name of wildlife and educate them in how to dedicate your life to be part of the change. Wild Spirit will touch you. And change you. So you can then be part of the change yourself.



Doctor Veterinary Medicine

Current job: Veterinarian at UCA West Los Ángeles

Languages: English

Contact: kristen@thewildspirit.com

Why Wildlife Conservation Medicine?

Wild Spirit embodies a genuine passion and contagious excitement for conservation and wildlife that inspires others to become involved.

Why Wild Spirit?

Its a once in a life time opportunity to work with top vets in the field on some of the most endangered species on the planet. The quality of instruction and hands on learning is excellent.



Veterinarian - Master on exotic zoo and wild animals

Current job: Lavora a tempo pieno come libera professionista in varie cliniche della Toscana.

Languages: Italian, English

Contact: virginia@thewildspirit.com

Why Wildlife Conservation Medicine?

Wild Spirit mi ha permesso di realizzare un sogno meraviglioso, quello di sentirsi parte di qualcosa di più grande, speciale e unico. Penso sia fondamentale investire nella medicina conservativa, ricercando ogni giorno metodiche nuove che ci permettano di proteggere e sostenere la ricerca degli specialisti del settore, sensibilizzando le persone a comprendere il delicato equilibrio tra ambiente, uomo e animale.

Why Wild Spirit?

Wild Spirit è un'organizzazione che svolge un ruolo importante nella medicina conservativa e nella salvaguardia delle specie in via d'estinzione. Collaborando con un'equipe di professionisti, permette a studenti e neolaureati di medicina veterinaria di toccare con mano il vero lavoro svolto sulla fauna africana. Un'esperienza indimenticabile che lascia un'impronta nel cuore e nell'anima di chi partecipa.




Current job: PhD Student

Languages: Spanish

Contact: marina@thewildspirit.com




Veterinarian & Biological sciences (focus on conservation ecology)

Current job: Final year veterinary student-University of Bristol

Languages: Greece, English

Contact: noi@thewildspirit.com

Why Wildlife Conservation Medicine?

African wildlife has been my passion since a very young age and the driving force behind becoming a veterinarian. My first degree was largely focused on conservational ecology, highlighting the importance of understanding species as a whole (biology, behaviour, habitat,threats). At vet school we don’t often get taught about wildlife in that sort of detail. Wild spirit is not just a two week programme where you get to work with some of the most amazing species in the world. It also actively educates you on conservation medicine and the sort of things you can expect from being a wildlife veterinarian. All the vets are wonderful and ensure that you gain the most of it.

Why Wild Spirit?

Wild spirit will make you fall in love with wildlife. It gives you a glimpse into a whole other world. One where you can make a difference. You will leave Wild Spirit motivated, educated and changed for the better.



Advertising and Design

Current job: Wild Spirit Marketing Executive, Leónnidas & Welcome Doggy Co-Founder 

Languages: Spanish

Contact: ruth@thewildspirit.com

Why Wildlife Conservation Medicine?

Because Wild Spirit is one of those companies that will leave a mark on the earth, that seeks to change things and teach us to be more humble and respectful of wildlife. We can learn a lot from Wild Spirit and with Wild Spirit, and I recommend everyone to take advantage of the great opportunity it offers us.

Why Wild Spirit?

Because now is when we can change things and bet on the conservation of wildlife, because if we do not, there may be a day when it is too late, a day when there is nothing to conserve. We have to sensitize people and train them to be part of this change and to improve as much as we can the quality of life of wildlife.


How to become a wild spirit ambassador?

Any Veterinarian or Professional with good ethics, passioned about wildlife and committed to Wild Spirit program can become an Ambassadors.

The first time we meet a potential Ambassador, is most times, during our Wildlife Veterinarian Programs in South Africa.

For us is important to know you in person and is important that you know our work, our team and understand the message. This person must not only be professional, honest and friendly but have good communication skills and empathy with different cultures and animals.

One a candidate is proposed, he/she must agree and must sign our Code of Conduct and Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).

Ambassadors = Women* Wildlife Warriors (WWW) = Veterinarians with a Spirit Wild!

* Ambassadors can be men, but for some reason at the moment our team is only women