Students Reports and Videos from Previous Courses & Experiences

During the last 6 years students from all over the world have accompanied us, they have made their dream come true, they have had a deep insight into wildlife medicine, we have fought together for wildlife conservation. Without all of them this project would´t been possible, we would like to share our most sincere thankful to each of you.

We might be an inspiration for you but you are the hopes of wildlife conservation.

If you never joined us, you still have your chance, do not let the train pass, next stop... August and September 2017.

This program is not the ending of your trajectory on wildlife, it is only the beginning.

VI Edition - 2016


Marine (France)

"This experience was the most amazing and powerful moments of my life. It’s like dreaming during two weeks long and you want to never wake up. It was my first experience with wildlife, it will not be the last one, but it will always stay the strongest one. I dream to be able to do the same work as these veterinarians. This travel opens your mind so wide and in a way you can barely explain. In two weeks you discover, learn and experiment more than in one entire life."

Josephine (France)

"J'ai eu l'immense opportunité de travailler aux cotés des meilleurs vétérinaires spécialisés en faune sauvage.  J'ai fais le plus beau trek de toute ma vie et vu des paysages à couper le souffle. Mais au delà de tout ça j'ai rencontré des personnes incroyables et tissé des liens que je n'oublierai jamais. Et même si j'ai bien failli ne plus être là pour écrire tout ça parce qu'on s'est fait charger par une bande de buffalos enragés, j'ai vécu 2 semaines de bonheur intensif ici... Et Je rentre avec le cœur lourd mais avec des rêves encore plus grands qu'avant de partir.  Merci à tout ceux qui ont participés de près ou de loin à ce merveilleux voyage, merci de m'aider à réaliser mon rêve, et merci à Fabiola de nous avoir appris tant de choses ici ..."

Kristen (USA)

"After extensive online research I chose Wild Spirit over other wildlife programs because they had the most comprehensive approach to teaching conservation issues, along with wildlife medicine. From the beginning Drs Fabiola and Brendan had a friendly energy, putting everyone at ease and were very organized.  The whole trip was a dream, everyday was so much fun, I couldn't believe it was my life. I've already recommended this course to other friends and colleagues knowing it's the experience of a lifetime."


V Edition - 2015


"Fantastic video that summarises wonderfully the great adventures that Wild Spirit will offer you! Fantastic people from all over the world who share a passion get together to learn about and support local wildlife! A dream come true for many of us...
Education and hands-on experience is the first step to see what we all can do to protect this charismatic wildlife! Go Wild Spirit! And thank you Fabi!!!"


IV Edition - 2014


Cécile (Belgium)

"We left our home sweet homes with a dream, an ideal and very concrete ideas about Africa and its wildlife. But once there, not only our dream of working with wildlife animals came true, but we had the chance to discover the reality of South Africa and its animal conservation. Thanks to you, we now understand the South Africans’ perspective and we can explain it in our own countries."

Laura (Mexico)

"I can not describe my feeling when I remember what I lived in South Africa, now from Mexico all looks far and unreal, but now I know that somewhere in the world there amazing people and qualified professionals that are ready to give their live for nature, conservation and wildlife. I feel grateful for has been accepted to join this incredible experience, unique and magic."

Janna (Spain)

"They have given us the enormous opportunity not only to learn a thousand things about veterinary medicine in the wild, but also to be better people, the importance of teamwork, fellowship, love of nature and above all the love of life Of each of the elements that compose it."

III Edition - 2013


Barbara (Portugal)

"What an incredible privilege to work on education and conservation, not only in South Africa, but worldwide! We are now responsible to spread the knowledge and make a difference in the world. We are now equipped with the tools to make changes and create waves in our industry that are going to have an influence on the whole world. "

Janna (Spain)

"What an amazing two weeks! I cannot be more happy when I realize all the experiences I had and everything I've done, learned and lived during this course. I want to thank Fabiola Quesada for making this experience possible, for spoiling us and for all the love she shown for nature and for what she does!"


Irene (Spain)

"I don’t know where to begin to explain what I experienced during these 15 days. It has been a truly amazing experience, I’m sure what I’ve seen and learned here, I’ll never forget as it has fulfilled one of my dreams, but most important of all is to have known interesting people with great professional value and greater human value."

II Edition - 2012


Jennifer (USA/Italy)

"There are many great experiences that we can have in our life, but no one will leave you as speechless, as breathless and as amazed as this one. What made it so special was the powerful combination of wild-life-veterinarian work and the discover of an incredible country."

Camille (France)

"Thanks again for this great experience, for allowing us to work with sooo many species as lions, cheetahs, rhinos, wild dogs, zebras...!!!! I still can’t realize! I really appreciate the patience of those amazing vets!!  I wish everybody to be able to participate at this course!"

Camilo (Colombia)

"This experiences is like a mystery box, you don’t know what you are going to do on the everyday basis, until you open it......but believe me that you will be amazed of everything you see, do, and the people you meet!!!! It’s like a dream come true, with even better things on it.....DONT MISS IT!!!!!!!"