Your participation in our courses means not only highly informative experiences for you, but to also be part of a sustainable model for wildlife and a direct contribution to the protection of the ecosystem where the project is developed. 


Work in field

Every one of the professionals you meet during the course are people whose passion is wildlife and whom dedicate every day of their lives to it. 

All the practical experiences during the course involves work that needs to be done and with your participation you will contribute. 




Our educational programs are targeted at professionals who want to expand their knowledge in wildlife medicine, conservation, animal behavior, and who are motivated to make a change for conservation and improve animal welfare.

Conferences: Our president brings hope for wildlife by hosting conferences in universities and schools around the world. 



By showing interest in Africa’s natural treasures, we are showing locals communities the value of their natural heritage and the importance of its protection.

Direct support to local educational projects is achieved by contribution to development and business inceptive throughout the protection of wildlife.



Meetings by our team in Asia, Europe, Africa and the Amazon has been done since the birth of Wild Spirit with the hopes to create a network of cooperation between universities, companies and associations who believe the future of wildlife protection is possible.



Our marketing department is making a huge investment in communication and advertising by showing wildlife in it´s higher expression of beauty.


Business & development

We believe the best way to help someone is by giving value to what they have and showing what they can achieve. 

Sustainable protection of wildlife is based on the understanding that humans and wildlife must live cohesively on earth.

By bringing value to wildlife in nature we encourage business dealings with locals that will protect the environment. Only when we consider development by protecting nature, will there be hope in the protection of the perfection of mother earth just as it is.


NGO Supports

We support several NGOs and local projects that have shown real action in the field and transparency in its management.  


Projects & Research

Our work in the field focuses on the development of projects and research that will contribute to science for the good of conservation and local communities. 


Animal adoptions

Conservation is about biodiversity and protecting environment, but individuals are also important.

  • Wild Spirit - The Elephant: From Save The Elephants - South Africa. One of our groups (Spanish teachers July 2013) sponsored collaring as part of a conservation and research project, and we are honored it was named Wild Spirit.  This is a 30 year old elephant and one of the last big tusker elephants that is still roaming free on Kruger National Park. In the last century poaching and trophy hunting for big tusk elephants is pushing the big tusked gene into extinction. Today, in Southern Africa it’s not easy to find big tuskers or very old elephants, however they have a big role to play in the social structure and survival of herds. We would like to thank Save The Elephants, especially president Michelle in South Africa for the great labor they are doing.


  • Wild Spirit - The Cheetah: From De Wild Breeding Center. Thanks to the initiative and determination of one woman, Ann Van Dyck, today the destiny of the cheetah has changed and they are no longer close to extinction in Southern Africa. Wild Spirit is one of the cheetah cubs who is only a few months old. She is happy with her mum and is one more hope for her species.