• This experience was the most amazing and powerful moments of my life

    Marine, France, Wild Spirit Vet Student | 2016
  • It's like dreaming with your eyes open and you never want to wake up. Surely, this trip was by far better than anything I could ever imagine.

    Ana, Brazil, Wild Spirit Vet Student | 2013
  • There are many great experiences that we can have in our life, but no one will leave you as speechless, as breathless and as amazed as this one.

    Jennifer, EEUU/Italy, Wild Spirit Vet Student | 2012
  • As “Wild Spirit Vets” we are now part of a community that will work side by side with animals, people and the environment.

    Barbara, Portugal, Wild Spirit Vet Student | 2014





Wild Spirit brings you wide variety of professional wildlife courses and conservation experiences within Africa

Wild Spirit brings you a wide variety of professional wildlife courses as well as unique conservation experiences in Africa. Wild Spirit is a global entity that contributes to wildlife conservation and animal welfare though active participation and training of international professionals in Africa. By promoting ecotourism we are committed with several local experts, companies and NGOs that focus their efforts and knowledge on the protection of local wildlife, culture and economy. Thanks to the quality of our programs and our strong commitment to conservation, many institutions and universities around the world support our cause and help us achieve our mission.


Develop wildlife experiences and specific programs for professionals based on quality content and direct contribution to conservation. 


A positive impact on wildlife conservation through a global network of professional work, education and awareness.







Protect wildlife and make you a part of conservation


  • Develop high quality programs that combine knowledge and practical training experience in wildlife, provided by veterinarians, scientists, photographers and experts in the field.
  • Share knowledge on wildlife in its natural habitat to improve its research, protection and animal welfare.
  • Contribute to wildlife conservation and local communities through sustainable models by active participation and awareness.
  • Expose you to life enriching experiences, both professional and personal.
  • To bring you into a unique African wildlife expedition beyond your expectations.
  • Open doors of cooperation between the scientific communities around the world towards projects of wilderness areas.
  • Understand the balance and greatness of nature and respect the worth of cultures around the world.
  • Develop a network of businesses and professionals committed to making a change on earth by bringing value to it and gaining knowledge.
  • Today it is time to protect nature and join forces. Wild Spirit´s proposal is an example of a sustainable model for conservation. If we succeed we can open the eyes of the world and create hope for wildlife and opportunities for those who support the cause.

    Fabiola Quesada, Wild Spirit CEO